When Did Google Become Popular

Google’s results had become so accurate and so popular (it was now the second most popular search engine on the Internet, only behind Yahoo) that it was impossible to ignore. Short of writing a new search engine, Google’s competition was unable to match Google’s prowess at search.

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This has changed radically since the December 2008 introduction of Google’s Chrome, an open-source application that now claims over 40% of the browser market. Let’s look at why users and developers have embraced Chrome and why it’s overtaken Internet Explorer and Firefox in such a short time. Why is Chrome so popular with users?

Google has become a part of our social culture. Over many years, Google has gained popularity in our society. It has been mentioned in many TV shows and movies and is considered to be a part of our “pop culture.” It has become common for someone to say, “Just Google it” to read more about a topic.

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While Google did come up with the best search engine on the market, he suggests, it was its early success that provided it with the experience and crucially the data to allow it to improve quickly.

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Google became the number one search engine somewhere between 2002 and 2004. Despite the fact they got major funding in 2000, there is no exact date it became the number 1 search engine because it was a very gradual showdown between Google, AOL and Yahoo.

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