What Do You Call Someone Who Makes Videos

From the way that you asked the question, it sounds like you are working on a resume, or some other professional document, so I would look up the actual word for you job position. If it’s less professional, have some fun with it. You might have captured weddings, filmed riots and worked as the videographer for a music video.

Easy man! Just get a camera and video tape or you can use a digitalcam that attaches to the computer. This allows you to upload tosocial graph sites at world wide locations.

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The word we typically use for a person that makes videos, is: videographer.

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A person who makes you laugh could be a clown or a comedian or even a comedienne. Or maybe just a Friend with a great sense of humour. I have some workmates who are really good at making me laugh even though they are not clowns or comedians.

Assuming u have asked in more of a generalizedise sense, We call people who make videos as " Producers " ..!! Since making video is all about Producing it. Also " Creators " but that jus makes …

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