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Is a Single Page Website okay for SEO? Mar 21, 2017  · single page sites Don’t Allow for wide keyword targeting. Unfortunately, there are some SEO drawbacks to single page sites — keyword rankings being one of them.

Having more than one redirect from a given URL to the final landing page can slow page load time … As Google continues to f…

If you’re in SEO or web development (or if you are looking to build a website for your own business), you’ve probably heard the term one-page or single-page website.. Simply put, these are the websites that consist of just one HTML page, and all the needed sections of the site sit on this same page.

It is important to ensure that all the needed sections of the website are available in the same single HTML page. Of course, …

Just a brief refresher, long tail keywords contain anywhere from 3-9 words (for example, if you’re a pet store, one long tail …

And while Matt says single page sites can work for Google, SEO experts believe having multiple pages with off-site links improves the overall credibility of a website.

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