Life Of A Web Developer

As a Web Developer, you need to wholeheartedly adopt the idea of continual learning. Technology is developing rapidly and it is important to embrace this change and devote every effort to keeping up. This can take a certain amount of discipline (especially in a world increasingly full of distractions).

Web development is a fairly large field these days, and in general the duties of a front end web developer and a back end web developer would be very different. The front end developer might be taking a visual design and doing the HTML/CSS code for it, adding Javascript for interaction.

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A Day in the Life of a Web Developer at Entrepreneur Magazine Well, like life in web development we too have a good number of choices. In terms of life, the choices can be unique and varied however in regards to web development the choice is restricted to the ch…

But chances are, when you think of “working in tech,” you’re imagining the life of a web developer who builds the sites and apps that you love, like a Ruby developer building the bones of the Airbnb website, or a wordpress developer keeping the New York Times in business.

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Dale Sanders is the Vice President of Product at SitePro. He said this program is exciting, as web development and software e…

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