How Do You Post A Blog

Writing Posts. Languages: … Post Author A list of all blog authors you can select from to attribute as the post author. This section only shows if you have multiple users with authoring rights in your blog. To view your list of users, see Users tab on the far right.

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What’s better: quality or quantity? I was originally going to title this piece something ridiculous like “Why You Should write 300 blog Posts This Year.” From that sentence alone, you know where I sta…

Post to a blog by using a Web browser. When you create a blog post, you can save it as a draft if you want to edit or review it before other people see it, or you can publish it immediately, if you have permission to do so. On the home page of the blog, under Blog Tools, click Create a post.

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How often you post to your blog depends a lot on what type of blog you actually have. For example, if you have a gossip blog, you may need to post daily, several times a day and any time there is breaking news or gossip that you need to cover.

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How to Write & Publish Your First Blog Post Finally, let people know that you will be changing the look of your website. You can do this through a blog post, a newslette…

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