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Isn’t life a bitch? The world is going to end. You don’t even have to be a religious fundamentalist to see that’s true. Some people collect postal stamps; exit mundi collects scenarios of what could go wrong with the world. Sure, our planet could get hit by an asteroid. But hey, that’s nothing.

About The End Of The World Oct 4, 2018 The End Of The World is a 10-episode deep dive by podcast pioneer Josh Clark into the world of existential risks, where breathtaking future tech and science put humanity on the razor’s edge between a future that could last billions of years and abrupt extinction.

Their first album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, ends with the grand acoustic ballad “Anthem,” in which Josh Kiszka delivers an inspirational message: “You and me can agree to disagree/that the world i…

Ways the World Could End Soon When the dust had settled, our End Of The World 2012 website had received over 3.3 million visits from 211 nations. Over 350,000 of those came in just 28 days…. and just over 61,000 visited on December 21, 2012. Thankfully these were visits to the end of the world …

Camping predicted that the Rapture and devastating earthquakes would occur on 21 May 2011, with God taking approximately 3% of the world’s population into Heaven, and that the end of the world would occur five months later on October 21.

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