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The popularity of content marketing has soared in recent years. Content marketing is no longer an option – it’s essential to compete. This is clear from the sheer volume of content being produced by marketers, with over two-thirds of businesses (67%) creating more content, than they did …

You begin with marketing objectives: the conditions or “stages” the consumer moves through: Messaging and content must be org…

<img src='' alt='How to Create A content marketing plan ‘ class=’alignleft’>Callout: Oh, and a quick note: We’re very happy for you to have our free content marketing plan template that goes with this! Table of contents. preface. 1. start with an outline. 2. Write down what you’re trying to accomplish. 3. Write down what you’re selling (optional) 4. Now, who’s going to consume your content? 5.

Develop AI-Blah-Blah’s 6-month marketing plan if the objective is to create an inbound lead strategy. include execution strat

… strategy is a plan of action, understand what it is you’re planning to do. Define some specific things to accomplish. A clear content marketing strategy defines its purpose, who it serves, and its …

Have you developed a video strategy as part of your content marketing? It’s an incredibly powerful way … senior product spe

Content Marketing Institute’s One-Page Content Marketing Plan Examples. Sometimes, the simplest option is the best option. The Content Marketing Institute has put together the layout for a one-page marketing plan that will help your brand assemble its first content marketing plan. They stress the importance of sticking to just a single sheet of letter-sized paper.

Every content marketing plan must be well structured and with the correct amount of information towards conversions. Our template for content marketing provides an excellent roadmap for content agencies or teams. This presentation is a great tool for b2b or b2c companies looking to impact thru content.

Content marketing is meant to generate leads to attract potential customers through relevant content. It’s a marketing strategy of creating and distributing consistent valuable content like posts, blogs, or videos that can generate enough online attraction that drive people to the site.

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